Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Now this is an anime that I am really excited about.  Produced by NAZ this series will chronicle the first Mongol invasion of Japan.  There is only one episode out right now but from what I have seen this will be a pretty good blend of history and anime.  Right off the bat the name is a reference to Nostradamus, who predicted that the end of time will be brought about by the Angolmois.  This is believed to be an anagram for Mongolians and for the Japanese on Tsushima Island, an army of nearly 20,000 Mongolians and Koreans would be seen as the end of days.  Another word used in the anime that I was happy to hear was the use of Goryeo.  This was the name of the kingdom on the Korean peninsula that the Mongolians made a vassal state in 1270.  Goryeo would be the staging grounds for both of the Mongol invasions of Japan in 1270 and 1281.  I am really looking forward to how this anime will develop over the season and will definitely be writing about it again.

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